Barclays needed a new way to speak to audiences ranging from 18-24 whilst creating a new brand perception breaking free from the current limits of their brand. My solution was the Contactless Piggy Bank, the new old way to save money.
A simple idea combined with a long list of features and possibilities, the Contactless Piggy Bank provides a new way to interact with savings whilst maintaining the nostalgia and familiarity of piggy banks. "Save to date" features encourage planning and allow for goals to be met, whilst a simple and low cost mobile application tracks spare change throughout the day enabling the familiar interaction of depositing spare change.
Contactless key fobs, what we call 'Micro Pigs', allow donations to homeless individuals whilst keeping their funds secure through blockchain technology.
All the while, the Contactless Piggy Bank is wrapped in a recognisable and consistent brand that is just a trustworthy as Barclays' current brand yet fresh and unthreatening. 

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